New Orleans Flooding Cleanup Company

Flood Damage Restoration and Cleanup For New Orleans Louisiana

Local Repair and Property Restoration Services – Hurricanes, Tropical Storm Damage, Broken Pipes, Flash Floods, Sewer Backups, Smoke and Fire Damage – Residential and Commercial Property

Water can cause extreme damage when it comes in contact with any property. The aftermath of the presence of water can be overwhelming, but some parts can look completely normal. However, a lot of the damage cannot be seen by the naked eye. That’s why our company has the technology and training to come in and help you through the confusing and stressful process of restoration.

Our company is now one of the leading providers of restoration in Louisiana. Our company started off as a small company and continued to grow. Thirty years later, we have branched out and expanded tremendously. Our company is IIRC certified for our high quality work and our services. Also, we only hire the best works, they must be RIA certified. Our employees are trained to help property owners during this time. They help you cope with the disaster and all of the stress that comes along with the restoration process.

Our company believes in providing the most competitive prices to the customers to ease their financial burden. Our team of experts also works along with various insurance providers to ensure that the claims of the customers are processed at the earliest time available. We also offer property owners direct billing to their insurance company.

To further satisfy our customers, we have offer the ability to restore belongings like furniture, carpets, and electronic items which have been exposed to the damage. For the electronic items we start by removing every trace of water and then, using special  vacuum dryers to dry out any remaining trace of moisture and humidity. We also undertake restoring of crucial data from the damaged secondary storage devices like CDs, DVDs, and hard disks which have been damaged by the disaster.

Once all of your possessions have been restored, we store them in a climate controlled warehouse for safe keeping. Once the property has been restored and the cleanup process is over we can move everything back. Depending on the extreme of the disaster, we can have this whole process done in 4-6 days!

Our company’s goal is to make the customer as happy as possible during this time. That’s why we provide the best service within your budget to ease the financial stress. That’s why when disaster strikes you should call the professionals! The job will be done well, in a short time, and in your budget!


Local Resources

City of New Orleans

NOLAREADY     Power Outage

Call Entergy at 1-800-368-3749 – press 2 for “Power and gas emergencies”

Sewerage & Water Board at 504-529-2837 – press 1 for Emergency Repairs Department

Emergency Alert System radio receiver

New Orleans frequency:  KHB-43  162.550 MHz

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